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From: Writing the Energetic Body; Scorpio Moon; Letter to my Ancestors of 100 Years Ago

You were separated by mountains, oceans, impenetrable

Scotland, Ireland, South America, Spain, France, Morocco, North American Indian

and who else was there that escapes the eye of history

You came together through chaste secrets

kept with longing for more details on how the round moon face of the Irish potato farmer sculpted itself into the contours of sacred lineage

cheekbones high

eyes of the eagles

body lithe

you came together on continents holding mystery unveiling none to you but that of magnetic attraction

the mystery you thought you could allude

the blend of blood

the bonds of blood

blood eternal

so you thought

And now you see the blood runs cold

runs hot

runs deep

but not eternal

And you rejoice

the life

the blood


and you are the eternal

separate from

the blood

the life

and not so separate

from me

but of me

perhaps the mystery is now unveiled

to you


29 Years! Happy Wedding Anniversary to Ourselves!

Time Travel: October 19th, 1985, New York City

A loft in Soho in full swing

Chris and Johnny are getting married!

Time Travel: October 19th, 2014, Quito Ecuador

The negative ions from a rain shower that drifted to the Andes from the jungle

permeating our soul

the journey has no borders

we sip hot cinnamon in Naranjilla juice

it’s our wedding anniversary

we move together forever

thru thick and thin

richness and withoutness



sharing with love

sharing in love

living in love and gratitude


to US!

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First Chakra

Happy to be immersed in Writing the Energetic Body: Scorpio 2014! Am standing in First Chakra frequencies 100 percent due to international re-location. My current and immediate living space feels like a sacred monastery; no toys, no furniture, only time and space to reflect on life!

The right to be, the right to exist, the right to be limitless all are on my emotional screen. Alien, immigrant, who gets to stay and why, bureaucracy, authoritarian  mindsets, death, the call of one’s land for 3rd dimensional experience of what appear as final breathes that lead to eternity…

It is on, full volume!

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“I say truth, i say things that empower, i say things that bring joy, i say things that upset people, i say what i feel i want to say. I say that freedom is all around, i say that i can choose, i say you can choose, i say the divine will support me, i say i am divine! I say that i love life, i say i can’t stand it at times, i say i am silly when i am in a state that i can’t stand life!

I say i am on the right track and sometimes on the wrong track, i say woops and carry on back to the right side! I say i made mistakes, i say i can deal with the responsibility of my errors, i say ooof, i wish i hadn’t done that!
I say that now is more to me than later! I say i hurt, i say i need, i say i want, i say i surrender! 
I say it is all okay, and when it isn’t okay, i say that is okay too!”

“I don’t say what is on my mind, i am tangled in emotion, i don’t say my truth, my spirit  shrinks, shrivels! 
I don’t say what my gut tells me to say and the price has to get dealt with, i don’ say no when my gut say no and i pay the price! 
I don’t say hurtful things to be hurtful, i don’t say that all is black and white, i don’t say what i don’t say because sometimes that is the simplicity of not saying it!
My fears of speaking out can be overbearing, but I do speak it, when I don’t I feel extremely uncomfortable. I am known for speaking out, that is a given!
When i feel my fears, i feel them in my gut, in my chest, in my heart and i can even get a brain ache!
I don’t say hurtful things to be hurtful, i don’t say that all is black and white, i don’t say what i don’t say becuase sometimes that is the simplicity of not saying it!
My fears of speaking out can be overbearing, but I do speak it, when I don’t I feel extremely uncomfortable. I am known for speaking out, that is a given!
When i feel my fears, i feel them in my gut, in my chest, in my heart and i can even get a brain ache!

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A time when I felt complete and whole… second exercise…hidden from me…3rd exercise what i wish to see

Feels light, nice n complete after doing the child pose/pineal stim!!!

Felt whole


driving home from an Iyengar class today

whole and complete after a great meal of Pho shared with 2 beloveds

feel whole n complete most of the time

A time when i perceived something was deliberately hidden from me

in school as a young child

classmates said hidden things

i could see it in their faces of false smiles

my mother tried to hide her anger

her pain

her sorrow

her guilt

her shame when she told my father to leave

what do i wish to see

the simple truth

without the slanted twisted efforts

to hide truths

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6th Chakra Open book with eyes closed… see and opposite of what i see

rainbow in the mist

coming down from up high

straight into the tops

the tree tops

gentle shimmers of rainbow light create new rainbow ghosts

several alongside the obvious

the clouds are pink, grayish

fog hazing the view of the river below

it’s the magic hour

late afternoon

the trees are aglow in golden light thru the mist

particles reflecting light

water suspended in midair

OM stands out on the page as does the rainbow

The OM rightly sounded, releases the soul from the realm of glamour and of darkness and of enchantment.

It is the sound of liberation, the great note of resurrection and of the raising of humanity to the Secret Place of The Most High when all other Words and sounds have failed”.

 Alice Baily; from The Rays and the Initiations

I am awed n humbled at the wonder of synchronicity that brought me to this image, this page, this book, this quote! The page is from a book that stays alongside my desk,

Travelling The Sacred Sound Current by Deborah Van Dyke.

the opposite

of what i see is


meaningless words

no magic

no wonder no light


horrible grainy image





page 71

so bored, don’t even want to write

the opposite of what i see

the opposite of beauty

the opposite of life

just grey

lifeless blurry grey

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6th Chakra:15 minutes I remember….

i remember the vivid lines in my room so focused after doing the eye exercises

remember the present time

i remember now going into memory thought pattern

ahhh, now to reminisce!

remember my mother’s bright smile when i visited her at her care facility

i remember watching her as she looked at the Mardi Gras celebration put on my the facility

i remember her reviewing her own memory of Mardi Gras for so many years in New Orleans

remember her stare into her memories

i remember feeling sad

i remembered to let her have her space as she immersed into memory and emotions

as she stayed in the present while immersing

i remembered how much i love her

remembered dancing in the streets with the Mardi Gras Indians

remembered being fearless as the looming feathered black men smiled, danced turning deadly serious shouting  words i didn’t understand like fiyo and spy boy

remember how puzzled they looked as i danced with them instead of running as they rushed at me shouting the unknown language waving their feathered walking sticks at me

i remember them extending a hand, a huge hand , tapping me on my shoulder, smiling broadly thru their sweat

i remember their painted ponies wondering where on earth did the ponies live during the rest of the year

i remember the fear in my neighbors gasp when i finally found my way back to my neighborhood and recounted my experience

i don’t remember much of anything at times

don’t remember what happened when i got of the subway at bleecker street one afternoon

i don’t remember how i wrote words in crooked letters that eventually fell off the page

i don’t remember his name as he watched me write

i don’t remember what it felt like to gain consciousness in my mother’s womb

i don’t remember the ride to the airport when my mother and i left ecuador after she left my father

don’t remember the ride to the airport as we fled a government collapse in the Dominican Republic

i don’t remember my father hurrying us out the door

i don’t remember where we landed after we fled, i don’t remember taking my teddy bear

don’t remember the first time i got wet in a rainstorm

i don’t remember how to speak or move a body part sometimes

i don’t remember where i left my special black pen

i don’t remember the book report i wrote about something or other in 5th grade

i don’t remember the street the was around the corner from my street when i lived in New Orleans as a little one

i don’t remember how i use to get home when i would take my long adventurous walks into the unknown

i don’t remember what, what i don’t remember!